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The Centre for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) brings together groups of individuals, organizations, and other stakeholders concerned with improving communities as a place in the hearts, and in the hopes of those who live there.

Since it formation, the organization has made a valuable contributions to its local communities by fighting poverty and engaging in diverse social activities.

Mission Statement: maximize the effectiveness of every Shilling contributed to a Kenyan charity by providing CSR practitioners and other donors with the information they need to make more informed giving decisions.

Vision Statement: To crate a community of accountable charities and responsible businesses

We Do this by:

  • Encouraging companies to adopt on web based CSR reporting as it allows stakeholder’s greater access to information and at the same time allows companies to update information in real time. 

  • Encouraging companies to commit to making a positive, beneficial impact on the communities they serve by connecting to the listed and reviewed charitable organizations.

  • Encouraging nonprofits to share their mission, programs, leadership, goals, accomplishments and needs openly for easy CSR identification.

  • Empowering, training, and mentoring nonprofits on behalf of the stakeholders

  • Conducting awarding system that will recognize all Stake holders.

  • Working and partnering with existing organizations, leaders, experts and peers to explore collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships in CSR sustainability efforts.

  • Helping corporate companies build and grow their giving and employee volunteer programs in order to maximize their charitable activities in the community, in turn generating more resources for local nonprofits.

  • Establishing manageable Training  for various level of people in the CSR department.

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