We welcome organizations that are passionate about professional best practice within business to join our community of CESRA Kenya accredited organizations. This means that these companies have met CESRA accreditation standards.  Once your company becomes accredited by CESRA then you are obligated by CESRA to make a good faith effort to follow all the 10 standards of good business, and at the same time to display the CESRA’s accredited seal - as official recognition of commitment to trust and best practice.  

CESRA Kenya  will be working in partnership with industry leaders and other Kenyan Government bodies - such as KAM, KEBS, CRB, various professional associations just to name a few. This will ensure that the public sector must find ways of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery. With that in Mind CESRA will be able to list the most comprehensive portfolio of our member companies.

Companies that can demonstrate they have developed and implemented industry best practices by meeting the requirements of the Standard shall be eligible to apply for CESRA best practice accreditation. This Accreditation Program is intended to encourage companies in Kenya to improve on the following service areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Environment
  3. Labour Relations
  4. Community Relations
  5. Business Environment

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Companies that receive the Accreditation will be primarily being doing business in Kenya and will be categorized as companies that meet the industry's highest standards for best practice. CESRA accredits companies, not individuals. To earn CESRA Accreditation, a company must complete an intensive, rigorous process that includes documentation of its business and best practice policies, letters of recommendation, a written examination and site visits and assessments.

Use of Authorized CESRA Accreditation Marks:

An authorized CESRA Accreditation Mark(s) and logo may be used by a CESRA Accredited Company in good standing, consistent with CESRA policy requirements.

Notes: CESRA accreditation does not mean that the business’s products or services have been evaluated, endorsed or determined for competency in performing services to the public.  Businesses are under no obligation to our accreditation.

Mark Ownership

The following accreditation marks related to the CESRA Company Accreditation Program (CESRA Accreditation Marks) are owned and controlled by CESRA

The ratings you receive from CESRA are guided by the following points 

Governance-SUBTOTAL                             /20

Environment-SUBTOTAL                             /20

Labour Relations-SUBTOTAL                       /20

Community Relations-SUBTOTAL                 /20

Business Environment-SUBTOTAL                /20

TOTAL                                                 /100


The CESRA Board of Directors will determine and establish all fees and charges related to the Company Accreditation Program, which may be modified from time to time by CESRA. In order to be processed and reviewed, an Accreditation Application must be accompanied by the complete payment of all CESRA application fees and related charges, as set forth in the CESRA Company Accreditation Application. Accreditation Application fees and charges are not refundable to the  Membership fee :  KSH 45,000/= (for 2 years)

PAY BILL NO: 222111

ACCOUNT NO: 018000034593
Or write a cheque to: Centre For Social Responsibility and Accountability Kenya