Why Register?:

There are many benefits to registering with CESRA’s Seal for Excellence program

Partnership: Being a member opens door to connect with our member corporate companies looking to projects to support in Kenya.

Prestige: The Seal of Excellence allows your organization to gain prestige in the non-profit community. It will set you apart as an ethical and accountable organization.

Confidence: The seal promotes confidence among current and potential funders and the public. This, in turn, creates a deeper commitment, and leads to positive references


Openness and Honesty: The Seal of Excellence helps to create a general atmosphere of openness and honesty in the organization. It will promote positive public relations


Greater Knowledge: The registration process helps to increase board and staff knowledge about legal and financial requirements. This helps to protect your organization against unethical behavior


Road Map: The Wise Giving seal and registration process helps to build a road map that aims to ensure organizational excellence. It accomplishes this by examining the organization as a whole, and ensuring the board is upholding its fiduciary responsibility. It will also ensure you continue on the right path


Insight: You, your staff, volunteers and board members will have an excellent chance to learn and gain insight from experts, thanks to our workshops and networking opportunities


The process: It engages your charity in a process that helps satisfy donor complaints and make amends for any past mistakes.


The The Seal of excellence also helps your organization head off small problems before they become big, learn and implement what is needed to meet present and future challenges, strengthen organizational durability and encourage continuous improvement and self-assessment.



  • Becoming CESRA- accredited partner provides a host of benefits for organizations seeking Nation and international recognition for adhering to best practice. 
  • Trusted by Consumers: CESRA accreditation is an official recognition of competence and conforming to industry best practice. Consumers will see the CESRA -accredited badge and feel reassured that they're in expert hands.
  • Online Exposure: All CESRA members are listed on our website with a comprehensive profile and a link to their website, and other social media pages.
  • Training: Our members will benefits from Industry Round Tables, networking session, workshops and seminars that will grow your business to a different level
  • Responsible business:  All our members are encouraged on sustainable business practice though CSR training, member companies will have a free entry to our CSR awards that happen every year.
  • Competitive Edge: This prestigious seal that describes that your business is trustworthy will give your business the advantage you need to win a contract or job, or attract consumers to your products

Notes: CESRA accreditation does not mean that the business’s products or services have been evaluated, endorsed or determined for competency in performing services to the public.  Businesses are under no obligation to our accreditation.
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