Did you know that In Kenya there are thousands of small charities who do a wonderful job in Kenya but these charities are often overlooked as they lack enough resources to advertise?

but every penny they receive from their supporters is channeled to the people in need. These Grassroots charitable organizations struggles to survive because they simply can’t afford their own fund-raising operations. CESRA believes that CSR is about individuals helping other individuals with the minimum of bureaucracy and needless expense. We at CESRA think this is what matters. We are NOT interested in charities with big names who take charities as a big business.

At CESRA we help thousands of corporate change the world. We mobilize people to take action on the  causes they care about through innovative programs, events and and campaigns. Our Agenda is to  create a culture of volunteerism, one that celebrates the power of service.

By doing this, we aim to strengthen and support non-profit organizations’ ability to serve the public, promote the highest standards of ethics and accountability in their governance and management, and encourage and support corporate companies, as they integrate CSR into their business.


CESRA focuses on improving the accountability of charitable organizations. In this regard, we offer the Seal of Excellence, a voluntary certification program for charities that is based on the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust and accountability. The program aims to increase public trust and demonstrate the accountability of registered organizations.

The Seal of Excellence:

This mark of distinction is available to non-profit organizations that comply with all of the stringent and comprehensive standards of accountability established by CESRA Kenya. In order to be awarded this seal, organizations must meet a set of 14 standards, which focus on the organization’s governance, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is based on the belief that corporations can work in partnership with charitable organizations to make a real difference in communities throughout Kenya. We help ensure this happens, by pointing members of the corporate community towards organizations that exercise the greatest impact on their target populations. We work with both parties to ensure the development of projects that meet their mutual interests.

We Do this by:

  • Encouraging companies to adopt on web based CSR reporting as it allows stakeholder’s greater access to information and at the same time allows companies to update information in real time. 


  • Encouraging companies to commit to making a positive, beneficial impact on the communities they serve by connecting to the listed and reviewed charitable organizations.


  • Encouraging nonprofits to share their mission, programs, leadership, goals, accomplishments and needs openly for easy CSR identification.


  • Empowering, training, and mentoring nonprofits on behalf of the stakeholders


  • Conducting awarding system that will recognize all Stake holders.


  • Working and partnering with existing organizations, leaders, experts and peers to explore collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships in CSR sustainability efforts.


  • Helping corporate companies build and grow their giving and employee volunteer programs in order to maximize their charitable activities in the community, in turn generating more resources for local nonprofits.


  • Establishing manageable Training  for various level of people in the CSR departments

Membership: At CESRA we are eager to welcome all companies to our platform so that we can work together for a common good.This membership is open to all companies and government agencies