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Bungoma,Orpharns,HIV/AIDS,Poverty Organisation(BOHAPO)

Posted by CSR Kenya on February 18, 2017 at 6:05 AM


Bungoma,Orpharns,HIV/AIDS,Poverty Organisation(BOHAPO) is a registered Community Based Organisation that is involved in

  • Helping orphans,street children and people either affected or inffected with HIV/AIDS with clothing,food,medication etc.
  • HIV/AIDS malaria awareness in the rural by going to schools,market places and community meetings and talk with both children and adults.
  • 3 Teach people on how they can improve on their income on their farms.
  • 4 Talk to street children and convince them to go to school,get where they came from and talk to the parents
  • 5.Home based care for HIV/AIDS patients.
  • 6.Organise sports so that the youth are not idle.When they are idle they normally take drugs and alchohol.
  • 7.We try to make the community exposed by having a library and buying a newspaper daily for them to read and know what is happening in Kenya,Africa and the world as a whole.

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