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QK Children's Home

Posted by CSR Kenya on February 28, 2017 at 1:55 AM


Contact Person: Lindy Kisaka

Role in the orphanage: Director

Email Address :

Telephone : +254 726960310

Type of organization: Children Charitable instititution (CCI)

QK Children's home was formed in year 2008 to help orphaned and needy children in Nakuru and its environs.

Vision: To grow our organization to a nationwide and regional charity that caters to all of society vulnerable children and young people

Mission: To Help those orphaned and in need at an early age to get a fair chance in life and protect them from dangers they may face due to their vulnerability.

The home has grown from 2 children to 20 children and we are proud of having taken the 2 children all the way up to secondary school while the rest are following their footsteps.

Immediate needs

  • Sponsor school fee
  • Monthly budget for food, clothing and medical needs
  • Volunteers to teach, play, counseling children and other activities
  • Fundraisers and website designer

Long Term Needs:

  • Secure a land and build a permanent children home that caters for all the children's needs.
  • School Van to transport the children to and fro

We are highly accountable to all our donors and supporters and adhere to the principles of CESRA standards of  charity accountability.


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