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Ndimu Community Based Water Project

Posted by CSR Kenya on February 28, 2017 at 3:00 AM


Contact person: Wilminah Polly Ogema

Email Address :

Telephone : 254 722807342

Type Of organization: Community based Organization (CBO)

Ndimu community based water project is a non profit membership organization that meets monthly to contribute cash in order to sink a community borehole that would benefit the community and create employment for the youth of that area. Once the borehole is ready it will serve a population of more than 5000 people, hospitals around Ndimu area and schools. 


Vision: A world where groundwater is developed and sustainably managed for community water

Mission: To provide safe, sustainable water points and create employment

Immediate Need: Looking for partner to help in sinking a borehole for the community. We are open to matching contribution for the same.

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