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Cosmopolitan Community Hope Health Initiatives

Posted by CSR Kenya on October 28, 2017 at 8:30 AM


Contact person: Dominic Charles Oker

Disigination: Director

Year established: 1999

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 7203, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Email Address:

Telephone: 254713176206, 254723722450

Organization website: http/

Charity Activities : Philanthropic activities on healthcare and education

Vision: To be a leading honest charitable foundation for the destitute in the communities across the world on grounds of open membership and free will sharing to help.


  • Fund education
  • Provide free healthcare information and affordable services
  • Promote philanthropic ideologies
  • ​Develop an alumni foundation where all beneficiaries become contributors to support others.


  • Sponsoring destitute for education related programs,
  • visiting the needy and
  • providing basic healthcare to the remote communities

Long term Needs: An alumni foundation to help maintain the activities of the organization in years and generations to come

Category : NGO

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