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There are millions of people throughout Kenya and East Africa who are in need of assistance – and thousands of organizations have been launched in response.

However, not all of these organizations are as good as their word.

African Christians in Development (ACID) is an example of an organization that claimed to help people, but instead has robbed thousands of their savings, including some of society’s most vulnerable – those living in extreme poverty, orphans, vulnerable children, widows, the elderly. They have accomplished this through an intricate web, designed to prey on the vulnerable and innocent. The result is that a select few have enriched themselves, while causing suffering to many others. ACID is well-known throughout East Africa, as they have pursued their activities in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Sudan.

Read more details about this scam at https://www.csrkenya.org/charity-scam


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CSR Kenya
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We Received an inquiry regarding an organization Called YVCO. The Writer was worried that the above organization was Linked to ACID .

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:20:43 +0300


To: secretary@csrkenya.org


Good morning,i hope you are enjoying the new year. First, i would like

say sorry for the attack in Kenya this week by Al shabab. Here in

Uganda we are so hurt that such bad herated people could think of

attacking our neighbour. Our hearts and prayers go out for you.

However, i am by the names ....................... (name Hidden) a Ugandan national. I

would like to know about an organization called (YVCO). It came to my

area in Uganda and promised allot to the local residents and i must

say i was part of the meeting. However, i have taken time to know more

about it and i came across a report by CESRA Kenya talking about how

the organization conned people allot of money. They are supposed to

come back next week on Monday to take registration details of people

interested in joining their organization. The say Aron Siribaleka is

the chief of the organization. If you don't mind please let me know of

the authenticity of your publication a bout YVCO such that i can save

the residents from being conned of their money. I would be grateful

these people a apprehended on Monday.They are using Dr. Mugisha

Raymond as their chief mobilizer in Uganda and he is traversing the

whole of Uganda for the same cause. They told us that their office in

Uganda is at Church House , 7th floor in Kampala city on Kampala

Road.Thank you and i will be grateful to hear from you before Monday.

Don't hesutate to contact me on +256...........

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