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At CSR Kenya you will Get personal perspectives on the issues, hear open assessments of the challenges we face, and engage in civil dialogue with the people behind CSR Kenya.


Hello, I am Julia Nyaga Iam the CEO and founder of CSR Kenya.


We want to open doors to Kenyan Corporate companies to get involved with CSR activities in Kenya. We welcome all corporate companies in Kenya to share what they are doing inform of CSR activities as well as learn what they think about CSR in Kenya.


I see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. I have always wished others could see what I see.


I want to use this blog to introduce you to some of the people, programs, and projects in Kenya that make corporate social responsibility a reality. I also want to take you along with me as I engage with some our newest project at CSR Kenya as well as the challenges we continue to face.


We want to hear from you because we are always learning and trying to improve. And you can’t learn--or improve--without listening. We live in a constantly changing world where the issues are complex and solutions anything but simple. With such complex issues, we may not always agree on the root causes or best solutions, but we can have a conversation.


CSR is multi-dimensional organization. At CSR Kenya, we break it down into five key areas:

1) Strengthen and support non profits ability to serve the public and promote the highest standards of ethic and accountability in their governance and management.

2) Provide comprehensive data on Kenyan non profits who have adopted accountability and connect them with donors, foundations, businesses and government agencies. More...

3) Supporting corporate companies in Kenya to integrate Social responsibility into the way they do business for better partnership. More...

4) Work in membership with international NGOs and companies that support effective charitable giving. More..

5) Work in collaboration with stakeholders to stop and expose charities in Kenya who "claims" to be doing something with donor money. More.....


We’ll be talking about all these areas. I’m very passionate about them all. We know you care about them too and welcome the opportunity to hear your perspective.


Please visit our website today and let us know what you think of this new and exciting CSR Kenya.


www.csrkenya.org And help us promote CSR in Kenya.

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