Inquire about a Charity

If you’re considering a request for a donation to a charity, do some research before you give. By finding out as much as you can about the charity, you can avoid fraudsters who try to take advantage of your generosity.

  • CESRA gives information about a charity based in Kenya at the request of an inquirer.
  • To inquire about any organization listed or not listed on our database please complete the form below.
  • It will take between 2 to 3 weeks to gather information of the Charity or organization that you are inquiring about, If it’s not listed on our database,
  • But it can take 1 week to give accreditation report for charities or organizations listed with us.  

If you think you’ve been the victim of a charity scam , file a complaint with CESRA. Your complaints can help detect patterns of wrong-doing and lead to investigations and prosecutions.

Report a Charity or file a complaint on our online form


  1. Misusing donor money
  2. Changing of your vision/mission without consulting
  3. When you lie about budgets, employees, etc
  4. Lack of giving reports/communication 
  5. Not operating a charity bank account /using personal accounts 
  6. Running unregistered charity and not informing the donor
  7. Misuse of employee and volunteers

  • Complaints without contact details of the complainants will  be rejected by CESRA
  • Never post Complaints with abusive language
  • Filling a complaint is free 

  • If you are a potential donor and would like to know more about a certain charity you don't see on our list, you can also inquire or request the charity to initiate an accreditation process.
  • CESRA is more concerned about guiding charities in adopting the best practices rather than naming and shaming them. 

Charity Inquiry

Want to Donate? Cant find a Charity on our Accredited list of Charities in Kenya? No problem.. Inquire about the charity Here or refer a charity you think that it need accreditation.
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