Seal of Excellence:
This mark of distinction is available to all charitable organizations that comply with all of the stringent and comprehensive standards of accountability established by C.E.S.R.A Kenya.

Charitable Membership  is a large scale effort to identify individuals and community based organizations in Kenya that exemplify good work—work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible, and meaningful to its practitioners—and to determine how best to increase the incidence of good work in our society

Process of Charity Accreditation In Kenya 

Important Notice:
We call upon all CSR practitioners and other funders to request Accreditation letter from applicants of funding
By becoming a charity member we want to know the vision of  your community based organizations that you serve. We want sponsors to know the accomplishments of  organizations they are supporting. We want to forge lasting partnerships between all member charities and member corporate companies.

We use the following steps for membership process.
Step 1: Fill in the membership application form provided.
Step 2: Once approved the profile will be loaded on our membership page for charities in Kenya.
Step 3: Your uploaded profile will be marked unrated with one star
Step 4: Once we Visit and verify the charity your status will change to Rated charity with 5 stars.  

Important items to remember while applying for membership
  1. Fill the membership form as requested without omissions or exaggeration  
  2. familiarize yourself with the 10 standards of charity accountability. If you need any help in adopting to the standards please let us know and we can offer free training.
  3. Please remember that our program for charity membership is completely voluntary. 
  4. 1 Star Rating will display your organization details and contact on our website 
  5. The 5 star rated status means that your charity is verified therefore you earn a seal of excellence on your profile. (Verification means that one of our officers will have a site visit to your organization)
  6. The verified members with the seal of excellence have the right to use the seal anywhere they please.
  • Take time to also familiarize yourself with the benefits of charity accountability.
  • Any company or donor that has an interest to partner with you will contact you directly. Only when they may want us to verify your organization. 


Listing Fee  1 Star - Ksh 1,000

Accreditation Fee -5 Star- Ksh 5,000 (includes Travelling expenses for our officers to the non profit organization for Review. 

Yearly Renewal Fee (For Both) - Ksh 1,000


The Aim of this program is to achieve change, inspire value, knowledge and skills to Kenyan charities by supplying them with leadership, accountability, transparency, and sustainability training In order to empower the Kenyan charities to fulfill their full potential in serving others.


Our mission at CESRA is to maximize the effectiveness of every shilling contributed to a Kenyan charity by providing donors and companies with the information they need to make more informed givings decisions. 


  1. To Research and evaluate the efficiency, accountability and governance of Kenyan charitable organizations
  2. To educate the giving public about the importance of giving wisely to any Kenyan charitable organizations.
  3. To investigate and evaluate any charity in Kenya and at the same time inform the public of any wasteful or unethical non profit organization in Kenya. 
  4. provide recognition to highly effective and ethical charitable organization in Kenya
  5. Come up with new programs to meet the continuing challenge of keeping the donor informed. 
  6. We supply our charity members with leadership, accountability, transparency, and sustainability training.

PAY BILL NO: 222111

ACCOUNT NO: 018000034593
Or write a cheque to: Centre For Social Responsibility and Accountability Kenya
Once you pay your membership fee please forward the receipt to or 254 712 379776