1. Three years CSR Accreditation
  2. A Seal of CSR Excellence :- can display on your website and other documents
  3.  Your company will receive an accreditation Certificate
  4. Nation and international recognition for adhering to best CSR  practice. 
  5. Trusted by Consumers: CSR accreditation is an official recognition of competence and conforming to industry best CSR practice. 
  6. Online Exposure: All CESRA members are listed on our website with a comprehensive profile and a link to their website, and other social media pages.
  7. Training: Our members will benefits from Industry Round Tables, networking session, workshops and seminars that will grow your business to a different level.
  8. Responsible business:  All our members are encouraged on sustainable business practice though CSR training, 
  9. Member companies will have a free entry to our CSR awards that happen every year.
  10. Competitive Edge: This prestigious seal that describes that your business is trustworthy will give your business the advantage you need to win a contract or job, or attract consumers to your products
Get Accredited today


Receiving a CSR Accreditation from CESRA Kenya is a visible testimony of your excellence in CSR. This accreditation and the Badge of CSR excellence proves to our customer and stakeholders that you have successfully embedded CSR initiatives throughout your business operations.
CESRA Kenya, will access your application based on our FIVE pillars of CSR, and how well your CSR activities are impacting the recipients.   
  1.  An independent panel will audit your application and the policy documents that your organization will attach to the application
  2. CESRA has an assessment guideline list to enable them to score your application 
  3. The organization will be required to pay Ksh 45,000/= (payable every 2 years ) as the accreditation fee
  4. Once your application is approved, your company will be awarded the CSR excellence badge for display across all your brand touch-points such as printed materials, websites, etc. Alongside the other 10 benefits listed above
  5. If your application is not approved, CESRA allows an appeal within 3 months of denial where the applicant will allow CESRA to work hand in hand to help the company acquire CSR compliant status