Seal of Charity Excellence

This mark of distinction is available to non-profit organizations that comply with all of the stringent and comprehensive standards of accountability established by CESRA Kenya. In order to be awarded this seal, organizations must meet a set of 10 standards, which focus on the organization’s governance, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Charity/Non-profits Accreditation in Kenya

While there is no single definition of a “best practices” for each and every nonprofit organization, there are well-recognized legal, ethical, and accountability practices that are expected of well-run and accountable charitable nonprofits. Recognizing and adopting these practices not only benefits individual charitable nonprofits, but also donors, and ultimately the individuals and communities that charitable nonprofits serve.

We encourage you to become familiar with our recommended 10 ethical practices and list your organization under our platform. 

This membership allows you an opportunity to be knows by the giving community and at the same time attracts the following benefits:

  1. Get web exposure
  2.  Find and connect with fellow nonprofits
  3. Get your programs funded by Kenyan CSR companies and other funders.
  4. Develop new projects with us. More Benefits 

We are on a mission to promote non-profit activities around the globe and especially to Kenyan CSR practitioners. CESRA is based on the notion that we live in connected communities - together people are empowered and able to achieve great things.

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